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See Marine's reaction when he meets puppy named after him

Posted by armen chang Thursday, July 23, 2015 0 comments

WASHINGTON -- Meet Bunce. He's a puppy training for big things. Some day he will be a military service dog and assist a wounded warrior. WUSA reporterAndrea McCarren will raise and train him for the next two years, before he's teamed with a veteran.
One month ago, the puppy was known as Mr. Light Blue, one of seven in Warrior Canine Connection's Semper Fi litter. Then, he became Bunce and it's quite a name to live up to.
Marine Corporal Justin Bunce and the puppy named in his honor had an immediate connection. Justin will now help train Bunce for another wounded warrior. So both Bunces have an important mission ahead.
"Just being around little angels like this guy, I am so honored to have him named after me," said Justin Bunce.
Bunce, the puppy, was born at Warrior Canine Connection in Brookville, Maryland. Not only will he help with physical tasks, he'll make an impact in ways that medicine, surgery, and traditional therapy cannot.
Added Justin, "Especially a puppy, it's just unconditional love, unconditional trust."
Justin was severely wounded in Iraq in 2004 and is now fighting to recover what he lost, battling to become the best he can be.
"You're not fighting for a cause, for your country, for your family. You're not even fighting for yourself. You're fighting for your brothers beside you. It's a bond thicker than blood," said Justin.
After Iraq, Justin was further injured in a car accident. He suffered a seizure while driving to meet fellow Marines coming home from their deployment.
"We would all die for our country. Most of all, die for each other," he said.
Justin's body may be slightly broken. His intellect, sense of humor and compassion are all intact. Life skills trainer Katie Gorman nominated Justin to have a puppy named after him.
"Justin is such a fascinating person and the qualities he has—the compassion, the strength, the bravery, I could go on. I thought if those traits could carry on to a dog, it would turn into one heck of a service dog for somebody," said Katie Gorman, Justin's Life Skills Trainer.


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