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'I Am Cait,' 'BattleBots'

Posted by armen chang Tuesday, July 21, 2015 0 comments

I Am Cait
E!, 8 ET/PT
Usually, the best course of action is to avoid most shows on E!, and most any show that purports to give you a "real" view into someone's private life while mainly serving to turn those lives into celebrity brands. But I Am Cait, which follows Caitlyn Jenner as she begins her new life as a transgender woman, is not your usual reality show — not in terms of the attention it has already received or the positive impact it could potentially have if done well, truthfully and respectfully. Given this is E!, and given Jenner's family, that's a very risky "if" — but it could be a risk worth taking. At least once.
Stewarts & Hamiltons
E!, 9 ET/PT
And then there's this show, which, in its attempt to turn the clans of Rod Stewart and George Hamilton into the next Kardashians, is a prime example of E! doing what it usually does. I'd let it do so without you.
This techno-sport series reaches its summer conclusion, as two robots fight to see which one can leave the Battle Box mechanically-alive. Could be fun, unless AMC's excellent competing drama Humans has left you convinced that those BattleBots are just waiting for their chance to turn on us. And we're teaching them how to use weapons.


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